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30th Oct 2014, 6:32 PM


Avariella Blog~1

Hello everyone!

Thank you for joining my on my first successful attempt at Avariella. I've been amped to show this off for a while, and I've been working so hard to bring it to life. I've learned a lot, including the fact that there are no rules. I've taken a swing, and I think I've really struck something awesome.

To answer any questions right off the bat, Avariella has been in production for over 2 years now. It all began when I met my childhood friends again after 10 years of being apart. The first time we all got together, it was like we had never parted. I was so excited to have them as my friends again, all the good times came back and it was a huge influence of healing that I would need for the future. From that point on, I had started drawing pictures for us before each event, a theme of some sort. The most recent event, I had drawn a picture of each of us as "Disney princesses", and to get inspiration I began watching movies like Tangled and Mulan. Mulan stuck with me the most, and it was then that I realised "Oh my god, she's the only one with any real life skills and she saved a NATION! And everyone loves her! Why aren't there more princesses like her?! And what would they be like if there were?"

I decided that those princesses were my friends. 

Each of them means so much to me. I am inspired by our friendship and their strength and character every day. That way, even when I'm alone, I feel them with me always. That's what I'm sharing with you. I hope you appreciate the comic as much as I loved writing it/drawing it.


And thank you for being here with me. <3

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